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Heavy Music

Founded in 2015 by producer and former guitarist of Blind Witness (Mediaskare Records) Maxime Lacroix, The House of Gain studio specializes in the recording, mixing, and mastering of hardcore, metal and punk music. 




Pre - Production

Your songs are the most important thing of a recording. It's the heart and soul of your band, and the only thing your fans care about. My job as a producer is to make sure that your music is the best it can be before putting it to tape. Whether you need help finishing your songs, lyrics, or only need a second set of ears, pre - production is where the magic happens.  


Old Recorder école

So your songs are ready and it's now time to record. My job here is to guide you through every step of the process and a little like  coach, show you ways to optimize your playing in a recording setting . With meticulous attention to detail, I will make sure that we get the best possible takes and the most amazing tones. 


Mixing is where your music comes to life. Whether you have recorded here, at a different studio, or at home, I will turn your raw recordings into powerful, polished - sounding tracks. 



but égalisateur

Mastering is the last step of the recording process. During said process, I will make sure that your music translates well through any type of listening sytem and environment. 

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Select Discography

Here are songs that I either co-wrote, produced, mixed and mastered

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Max has over 15 years of experience in the music industry either as a touring musician and a music producer. Focusing on the artist's vision and identity, he strives to make every project a unique, exciting and massive sounding piece of art. Through meticulous attention to detail, a great understanding of the music scene, and a real passion for music production, Max makes sure that every song he works on reaches its full potential.


Over the years, Max has had the chance to work on hundreds of songs, from bands around the world. Clients include : Get The Shot, Blind Witness, Boundaries, Sudden Waves, Sailing Before The Wind, Feels Like Home, Depths of Hatred, Basterds, The Avalanche Diaries, and many more.

Studio located in Roxton Pond Qc, Canada, an hour east of Montreal

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The Studio

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"Never had that much fun recording at a recording studio. Max is more than a producer, he's an additional member of your band that focuses on making your music sound like it's supposed to. The studio is also very nice and comfortable. Recording your next project there will bring your band to the next level."

Sudden Waves - Montreal, Canada

"Max delivered exactly what I had envisioned and the mix & master came out even better than I had imagined possible. Super easy to communicate with and excellent quality."

Sailing Before The Wind - Tokyo, Japan

"Working with Max to find the sound we wanted for our first EP “Tied to the Tracks” was a dream. The level of professionalism and expertise that comes from House of Gain will guarantee that your tracks will sound the way you want them to. Don’t hesitate, House of Gain is where it’s at."

Eyes Front - Edmonton, Canada

"Max at the House of Gain will make your music sound huge and professional! Easy and fast communication."

The Avalanche Diaries - Rome, Italy

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Studio located 1h east of Montreal Qc, Canada

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